The Ram ProMaster Performs Well

Scores of different attributes reveal the value of an engine. The Ram ProMaster rises high on popularity lists thanks to its unique engine. The cargo van's engine is so uniquely manufactured, oil change intervals come in at every 10,000 miles. That's impressive, and it is only one capability associated with the cargo van.

Performance-wise, the Ram ProMaster surprises. The 36-foot turning diameter differentiates the vehicle from other cargo vans. The turning diameter adds a lot to the model's handling. Electronic stability control helps the vehicle handle whether turning or going straight.

Whether driving a cargo van or any other vehicle, people want to feel safe. The Ram ProMaster's antilock braking system supports safety. Some insurance providers may even offer a discount when a vehicle has antilock brakes.

Nothing substitutes real-world experience, so you would benefit from a test drive in Red Deer. Take a trip to see us at Southside Dodge Chrysler and set up a test drive.



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