Learning What to do to Charge Your Car Battery

Southside Dodge Chrysler knows how important it is for car owners to maintain their vehicles. This not only ensures the value but also keeps your car riding on the streets of Red Deer.

The following guide will help you charge your car battery:

Charging the Battery

1. Remove the battery when the car is off and cool to prevent shock. Be sure to remove the negative (-) or ground cable first before removing the positive (+) cable.

2. You want to take this opportunity to remove battery acid, which can be done using a mixture of baking soda and water. Use a brush to remove the acid, but wear gloves and a mask for your protection.

3. Check if the battery needs any water, and add distilled water if necessary. Most batteries are self-maintaining, so do not worry if you don't see water caps.

4. Follow your car battery charger's instructions on how to charge the battery. Normally, this charger should be off and should be connected by matching the positive cable with the positive terminal and the negative cable with its corresponding terminal.

5. Turn off the charger before removing the battery, and be sure to start with the positive cable followed by the negative.

Hopefully, these steps help ensure you keep your battery charged at all times.



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